Disclaimer: my phone stopped showing me what i was writing halfway through so this post has not been proofread, and stops midsentence. Today was IT. The big day. Today, we went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

It was perfect. The rides were great, the scenery was immaculate, the butterbeer was delicious. Protip: get it cold instead of iced; drinking it through the cream is an essential part of the experience. Also, it was one of the most smoothly running parks I can remember going to this week.

Anyway, the good stuff. The only ride we got to do was the Forbidden Journey, because the wait was two hours. I loved it though. You walk through Hogwarts to get to it. You even see the moving portraits! It’s one of those 3D rides that tilts and twirls but never really moves, so it’s good if you’re scared of coasters, but not if you get motion sick. Ot was definitely my kind of ride. Protip 2: you can’t see anyone once you’re secured into you seat, so it’s worth it to break up the group and use the single rider’s lane on this one.

After that we ate lunch at the Three Broomsticks. Cameron and I had turkey legs. That was a bad move on my part, I’m such a slow eater. I love turkey sooo much though! Mom and dad got the shepherds pie and thoroughly enjoyed it.

After that it was getting late so we just rushed through shopping. It was crowded, but that just made it feel more like a scene from the movies for me. I got a Ravenclaw tank top (house pride!), a Potter Quidditch jersey, a Ministry of Magic mug, a sugar quill, a chocolate wand for Cameron, and a chocolate cauldron and a pumpkin juice for us to share later.

Also, when you check out of the gift shop, they ask you to sign your receipt ‘for the Ministry’ which I have been giggling about all day.

Other stuff. Uhhh…

We rode a couple of small things in Seussland, which is gorgeous and amazing to walk through. And the rides were all kiddie enough for me and mom so bonus points! Really cute section of the park.

The only other big thing we really did was the Jurassic Parl River Adventure. It was cool to see the big dinosaur animatronics and we got soaked at the end, but it was warm enough it didn’t matter. Very fun.

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Universal Studios

Today we went to Universal Studios.

It was fun, but the park is twice as big as it needs to be. You walk so long you expect more than it has. Don’t get me wrong, what’s there is great, but there are 5 fake buildings for every store or attraction.

We went on the MIB ride. Honestly, that’s enough spinning for me to have fun. I’m a big wimp when it comes to mocking gravity. And, I got the highest score out of the family!

I also went on the Woody Woodpecker ride, and took a picture on the American Tale playground, because I am a child.

The last thing we did was the ET ride. I like the actual ride part, but the presentation…could use some work. The fake animals in the forest bit have not aged well, and the animatronic alien dolls are TERRIFYING. The scenery looks good. But that one alien that looks like a doll head coming out of a turnip wearing a gummy worm wig is not something I would show to a child. It’s going to give me nightmares, and I’m 22 years old. But if you took out the aliens and it was just a flying bike ridetour of the galaxy I would ride that over and over.

And, THERE IS A HAT STORE SHAPED LIKE A GIANT BOWLER HAT. All stores should do that. I want to live in a cartoon.

For lunch we went to Margaritaville, which my dad is obsessed with. He loves Jimmy Buffett. I wasn’t particularly impressed. It was incredibly loud (which is fine if that’s your scene but it’s definitely not mine), and I ordered an avocado turkey burger for some odd reason and it wasn’t very tasty. Plus I’m always terrified of ordering in such expensive restaurants.

But yeah. Hat shaped hat shops. The world would be a better place.