It’s Almost Over

And quite frankly, I’m okay with that because I’m exhausted.

Yesterday we went back to Universal, and spent a little time at each of the parks. We went to Island of Adventure first because it had, well, Harry Potter. Cameron and dad rode the two dragon rides, and mom bought me an owl with Realistic Head Swivelling Action. I still haven’t decided on his name yet. I want it to be good. He is very pretty.

We had lunch at Hard Rock Cafe. I had a surprisingly good spicy mac and cheese dish. I couldn’t help but wonder how it would go over if I put used clothing on my own walls and called it decoration.

After lunch we went back into Universal, but we just shopped around in the stores at the front.

Then the best thing if all happened.

We went home and got naps.

I am so tired.

Anyway, after our naps we went to this sort of permanent fair called Old Town. It was nice. No one rode anything though, we just kind of looked around the shops a bit and ate ice cream. I guess it could have been fun, but there was just this sort of overwhelming vibe of everyone wanting to go back to bed.

And then we did, and I slept in the most I have all week. Then I woke up. Then I went straight back to sleep. Now I’m drilling coffee in bed. Finally.

Today we are going to drive to Georgia to spend Easter with family, then drive home after egg hunting tomorrow. So this will be the last broadcast for this trip. So long and farewell!


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