Sea World

Today we went to Sea World. I loved it.

It’s the best kind of zoo I’ve ever been to. Even though it’s only a few animals, you can get so close to them it’s worth it. I never realized how BIG manatees can get.

We went to the Sea Lion show and the Shamu show, but not the dolphins. I liked the Sea Lion show, it was really cute. And they worked in a few “intentional goofs” for the grown up crowd, which I thought was smart. And a walrus came out at the end. I didn’t realize how big they were, either. Happy Feet just got a lot scarier.

The Shamu show was okay. It was very…musical. The jumps and things were wonderful, but most of the tricks were sort of off to the side and out of the direct view of most of the crowd and that was a little weird.

Also, THERE WERE HUGE TURTLES. I love turtles. Most of the pictures I took were of turtles. And there were some big ones.

Another thing about the animal displays was that they were lively. I don’t know if our zoo back home is just crappy, but everything there always just lies around. Even the manatees were in constant motion at Sea World and it left an impression on me. I guess they just all seemed happy.

So, Sea World gets an A+.


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