A Last Day of Firsts

Today was the first day of my last year of college. Unless something just goes horrifically wrong. Which it might, with my record. But I got most of my schedule awkwardness sorted out, and I think I can get away with not buying some of my textbooks. Anyway, I thought I ought to record this (semi)auspicious day.

English is my first class every day. (And when I say every day, I mean every other day. I have Tuesdays and Thursdays free for homework, and hopefully another job.) My first impression of the teacher was some Access people in the hallway talking about how scary and pissed he got if you interrupted one of his classes. So that’s great. I haven’t settled on an opinion of him yet. He could go either delightfully witty or obnoxiously witty. Only time will tell. The good news is that most of our source material is old enough to be public domain so I’m pretty sure I can get through without buying Norton Anthology. Freaking again. Because it’s the same ones that I had for my first world lit sequence 2 or 3 years ago and sold because I thought I was done with lower level. Anyway I already own the Melville and Kafka on the list, so that’s fantastic. The only challenge will be figuring out which sections are in the anthology, and that can be solved with (a) some patient friends, or (b) a well-stocked library.

I’m in Latin with 3 girls from 100 level. We never really spoke that much last year but I was so excited to see ANYONE that I got all giggly about it anyway, and we speculated about the new teacher in the hallway for 30 minutes before class. The new teacher, by the way, seems nice and very nerdy, but he brought a new textbook with him, and I was kind of looking forward to ony buying one Latin book ever. Also his syllabus is much less organized than the ones I’m used to. But maybe that will get better once I learn how to read it. I even made a new friend! Well, I exchanged names with the girl sitting across from me in the hallway. But it’s a start!

No Greek until Friday, but that will be exactly the same as it was last year, except without Stinson. Just Greek texts and some rather silly younger boys. And Tatiana.

I actually want to try to get one more class in, a high level Greek reading independent study, because I need it to graduate and have much less to do this semester than next, but I’m not sure how much of Tatiana’s patience is left with me. Everything since July has become massively complicated one way or another.

After Latin was work – the usual menial tasks plus an officemate I wasn’t expecting to see because they told me she graduated for some reason. So, nice surprise. And soon more work, and in a few weeks a new job hopefully! I’m going to try for sub at the church dayschool. I’m told that there are no qualifications necessary, and I can call about half the teachers as references to boot. Not that getting on the list means I’ll ever be called, but the prospect of a paycheck is good enough.

How was your first day? And if you didn’t have one, how was your Wednesday?


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