Last Day in Litochoro

Today we went to the tomb of King Philip II of Macedonia. My teacher’s teacher actually discovered it! I geeked out about that for a good bit. It was neat, except for that super mean guard lady that kept chasing everyone around and being very rude. The stuff in it was crazy. There was this one carved bit of ivory that was unbelievably delicately carved. The video at the end was creepy though.

For lunch we went to a special fish place and had fish. I sat with the professor’s kids somehow. They are something else.

Our naptime today was super short, but I still got about an hour in. Then I even got some homework done before the birthday party! That’s right, another birthday in Greece. Miss Halla had her birthday today, so we had even more chocolate cake. That was my dinner, plus some coffee ice cream. Finally reverting to my stateside eating habits.

Now…to finish the Las homework I’ll ever have in Greece. Besides that paper. Uh…


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