Dion and Cake

Today we went to Dion, the marshy ruins of an ancient town dedicated to Zeus.

This site was another favorite. It was weirdly homey while simultaneously alien with it ancient Roman ruins. Swamp is not a hard thing to come by on Alabama, but Greece gives even this its own unique flair. The site was gorgeous and shady, and there were tons of dragon flies. We even saw a heron! And they have have friggin HUGE dandelions. They were bigger than my fist! The walk was pleasant – although an interesting quandary. See, i like to watch where i put my feet, since I’m extremely clumsy. But on those graty stairs it’s definitely better that i not stair straight through them at the ground making me dizzy. So that was fun to try to balance out. But anyway. Great day,beautiful site. I was bouncing down the ancient roads like a five year old. I was so happy.

Later we went to the beach. Beaches bore me. But I too a nice walk,hung out with the bus driver, and took a sweaty nap. Of all the ways to spend an afternoon, it was one of them.

Today was Tatiana’s birthday! We had q good old fashioned pizza party with amazing cake. I got to sit at the table with her and have a good long conversation. The boys all sat with us, so it was…lively let’s say. A great time with some of my favorite people. And q free meal. And chocolate! Whee!

Happy birthday Dr. Summers, and happy birthday miss Haley Elizabeth O’Dell Harrison!


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