Delphi is small, but we’ve been making our own fun.

The first thing we did was travel. For several hours. I tried to sleep on the bus but I got too excited about looking at the mountains.

Our plans were changed around a bunch of times so I still am not sure what we did today. When we got to the hotel a bunch of us found some Greek board games and tried to play. At first I was just mashing buttons on an electronic thing that kept yelling RHO at me because it was apparently an alphabet game. Then Harry, Tatiana’s son, joined us and together we made up some rules to a trivia game we found. Except only harry could read the questions so I had to try to read his questions to him in Greek. That apparently wasn’t good enough for him, so soon we had all the kids playing and arguing over what words meant. The question were really random too – sometimes they were hard and scientific and once I got asked what color polar bears were. We were all yelling and getting really into it even though it was Greek naptime.

The second exciting thing that happened today was that our bus driver ate dinner with us. He has huge bushy eyebrows and a fantastic accent. He was very nice and very entertaining. He saved me from some blinds that attacked my head.

Later there is talk of a disco. We shall see.


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