Well, it’s been exhausting. But I haven’t gotten mugged or carried off or anything, so don’t worry.

Yesterday we went to the Parthenon. It was huge and impressive, but we had to rush through the whole thing. I got a picture with the first ever olive tree. Then we got lost on the way home, but my handy dandy GPS saved the day.

That night we went to a restaurant and had a classical feast with cheese, baked fruit, and tons of meat sat right in the middle of the table. It was amazingly amazing. And of course everyone teased me for not eating veggies. But who needs that when there are FOUR meats on the table?!

Today we went to the National Archeological Museum. It was by far the least exhausting thing we have done. And I finally had a good cup of coffee! Or three.

Tonight we go to the temple of Poseidon. For now, there us homework to be done. Kalispera.

PS, someone tell me via Facebook if my photo is weird colors.


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