Live Long and Prosper

That’s right, I saw a volcano today! It was not as impressive as it sounds. But you’ll have to wait to find out because my phone camera decided not to work, so no photos until I get home.

I can’t say it wasn’t an adventure, though. It was a 25 minute climb each way. Up was harder, but down was infinitely more terrifying. The ground is not attached to the ground. I took several, shall we say…shortcuts on the way down but always managed to catch myself. I never died, so it was a successful outing.

After that we sailed to this hot spring that you had to swim to from the boat. I “forgot” my swimsuit and hung out with the old ladies on the boat. The boat was super rocky on the waves, though, so that was enough fun for me. I felt kind of bad because everyone else was feeling wick from it but I was enjoying it so much.

When we got back to Santorini I walked up the donkey stairs. Which was a deathly mistake. I was already so tired from the volcano climb. I refused to rush, too, so by the time I got to the top there was no sign of anyone. They went to lunch, but I don’t have to move an inch til tomorrow. Who laughing now?

On another note, people from New Zealand are hilarious. There were some near us on the volcano trip. When one guy made fun of the other for wearing his towel as a cape, he replied “it’s not a cape, it’s a CLOAK!” Later the same dudes passed me on the donkey stairs and when he was behind me on his donkey he goes ” Donkey! Eat that lady!” This is enough evidence for me to say that New Zealanders are awesome and I need to befriend one.


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