First day in Santorini

Today was the first full day in Santorini. After our museum assignment a group of us basically just wandered. Had a chocolate banana crepe for lunch. It was REALLY yummy. Then we picked a random direction and went.

That picture is the result. After a few hundred tourist shops we finally burst out onto a sea view, and WOW. How is this place real. No, really, we’ve been asking each other that all day.

Then we went back to the hotel for a little homework and a lot of naps, and back out with Hannah who had lost her luggage. I got a silver kai(?) necklace. She never bought anything.

Dinner was at Dionysus, and was beyond amazing. Except for that slimy eggplant concoction. I like feta cheese. And I had what I hope to be the first of many baklava! Yay!


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