3 States and 2 Countries

That’s how many places I’ve read The Fellowship Of The Ring today. I’m about to board my third flight and finally leave the country. Theoretically. It was supposed to start 30 minutes ago.

I still find it very strange that I’m in Philadelphia. Don’t know why.

So. Flying. I love it. Mostly it’s just sitting around reading, which I do all day in the summer anyway. But the little bits in between that are amazing. I love watching takeoff. The engines rev for so long it can’t help but get your hopes up. Then you go really really fast. Then you go INTO A CLOUD. I can’t stop smiling when we’re rising through clouds. It’s so amazing. The big poofy ones are right there, and the little wispy ones are actually huge and look like jellyfish from the side. My life sounds like a Ghibli movie in description, which is how everyone should live as much as possible. So yeah, flying is great.

And Bethany – if you read this tell your mom I met her Goth rock twin in Philly.


One thought on “3 States and 2 Countries

  1. Angela Yoder says:

    I love your description of flying, Carnation! I wish I were travelling with you so I could witness your joy and excitement firsthand. You better keep a diary of everything! I want to read about all of it!

    Love ya ❤

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